Crowfall: How to Make a Better Mount

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In this short guide I want to show you how you can make yourself an advanced MOUNT… which also implies how to get the basic mount.
In order to create and ADVANCED MOUNT your are going to need:
  • a basic mount
  • 135 leather of any type. Note that it needs to be 45 of the same type, but you could have 3 x 45 of 3 different types of leather.
  • 3 chaos amber

Obtaining the Basic Mount

First, we’ll get the normal mount.

For this, you walk down to a vendor, you press F and then for 1200 gold you can acquire a pig packsaddle which is your basic version of the mount. It gives you 135% movement speed. Just buy this item, drag it over and pay for it.

3 Chaos Ambers

The three Chaos Ambers have to be farmed (which I had already prepared in the video). You just split the stack here and put the ambers together.

Put it All Together to Get Your Advanced Mount

You have now collected the 135 leather, the 3 chaos ambers, the recipe for the improved mount and of course the normal version of the mount.
Now follow these steps:
  1. Open your crafting menu (Press “J”)
  2. You should see on the basic survival list that you have a new recipe saddle swift pack pick and
  3. You just drop the stuff in there: the mount, 3 chaos amber, 135 leather
  4. You hit assemble. 
There you go you!  You have your improved mount version, which gives you 150% movement speed.
You now put your mount back on your saddle seat and then as usual you run around, then press K and then this swift mount caste arrives.
You put it into your tray, you start casting and ***Happiness*** you have your mount!
I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful!
Please comment below if you would like to get more guides like this and let me know what I should cover in those videos

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