Crowfall release date finally announced

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Hello fellow Crows and seekers of the Allfather.

Many of you might have asked yourself the questions: “will crowfall ever release”, “when is crowfall  beta”. Well according to the official press-release article Crowfall is coming out in 2020 and the Beta will start in Q1 2020. I assume we won’t see a release of Crowfall before later this year, as I hope they won’t rush a release, but instead do the polishing to deliver a dope game. The potential is definitely there!

You should definitely sign up for the beta on the Crowfall homepage. Make sure to put “CrusaderW” in the Friend Referral Code, if you want to support me and save 10% on your purchase (if you buy the game later).

The game will not be free to play (f2p), but will not require a subscription to play the full game. The developer Art Craft Entertainment made it clear that they will not include any pay to win mechanics at all. They are planning a monetization model around cosmetics items and appearance gadgets like skins or dying your armor and stuff like that.

If you want to buy the game make sure to use my 10% discount code:

Once you registered you will get the link via E-Mail.

A good place to start playing the game is to check out my races and classes guide.

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